AXE  is the private equity and venture capital firm based out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

For more than three decades we have represented the industry and delivered authoritative research and analysis, proprietary publications, specialist training, topical conferences and best practice standards.

Our membership comprises more than 20 influential firms, including over 100 private equity firms, as well as institutional investors, professional advisers, and service providers. We work together to provide capital and expertise to growing businesses, to unlock potential and to deliver enhanced returns to the millions who directly and indirectly invest in our industry.

Our History

AXE like the industry it represents, has changed immeasurably since its foundation over 5 years ago, as the sector has grown into one of the biggest success stories in the Canadian Economy.

Since our founding in 2010 the private equity and venture capital industry has been transformed from a cottage industry into part of the mainstream economy - making AXE one of the leading centres for private equity in the lower mainland.